Laser Industries, the future is here

Laser Industries

Thirty years of experience and eighty percent of products sold as exports define Laser Industries, an energy sector specialist. A made-in-Italy business that makes up a lion's share of the industry of reference.

Laser Industries was founded as a power solution customizer, meaning that we analyse and plan systems that go from simple electricity-generating units powered by traditional fossil fuels, to more complex energy station plants, which may be 20, 50 or 120 megawatt power stations or systems powered by next-generation fuels. So, to us, ‘power solution customizer’ means the ability and willingness to adapt to the needs of our clients. Companies that produce engines generally provide a standard product. We intervene to adapt the engine to the client’s requests and ensure it satisfies his needs, in addition, naturally, to all that surrounds the motor itself. In short, Laser Industries takes motors and turns them into equipment. This is a short, simple way of saying that the motors we are given go through the carpentry, assembly, painting, casing, and control panel departments, an entire series of in-house activities that are aimed, where necessary, at modifying or adapting the engine to its destined use and site. Versatility as a modus operandi. Thanks to our experience and access to university support, which we have taken advantage of for years, Laser Industries has often been able to test next-generation fuels before large-scale producers put them out into the market. This has made it possible for us to customise quite complex applications with very high outputs, producing winning market results thanks to our advanced level of innovation. In Italy, we offer turnkey biogas and methane plants from 20 KWe up to 2000 KWe, with different engines. Each application can be customised into cogenerative or trigenerative layouts. Efficient post-sales services then make it possible to tend to the plants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including for large-scale updates.